Top tips for encouraging Pollinators

By Christine Hipperson- Jervis

Director of Bench Ecology

I attended a webinar yesterday about the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, which encourages everyone from farmers to local authorities, schools, gardeners and businesses, to come together to try to increase biodiversity for pollinators.

They have a good website that has some really useful advice and resources, including posters and information packs to encourage people to act to save and increase pollinators. The advice is tailored to Ireland but a lot of the information is useful for us too.

Take a look at the following guide, which you may find useful in making your gardens more sustainable and insect friendly.

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan website is There are many more resources and information on this, including a ‘Pollinator friendly planting code’ document that has some really useful information on the most beneficial trees for wildlife and what species are best in what locations.

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