Proposed return of White-tailed Eagles to West Norfolk

You may have seen in today’s newspapers that Wild Ken Hill are asking for your views regarding bringing back White-tailed Eagles to the area. They are bringing forward these proposals not only to reinstate this native bird to its former range, but also to connect people with nature and drive wider nature recovery in East Anglia.

Also known as Sea Eagles, these birds were hunted to extinction in Britain in the early 20th Century. Wild Ken Hill are now teaming up with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation to develop a project that would establish a breeding population to compliment those in Scotland, Ireland, the south coast of England, and in mainland Europe.

They have had many conversations with farmers, other landmanagers and conservation organisations over the past few months, building up broad-based support for the proposals. They are now eager to gather the views of local people and interests to inform them. Please take a read of the materials below, and have your say in their online survey.

The entire Wild Ken Hill team would be grateful for your support in bringing back this majestic native bird to our big Norfolk skies.

Read more and take the survey

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