Help create a Memory Walk!

Voluntary Norfolk provides support to community hospitals and one way it does this is through its volunteer service within Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust (NCH&C). We are preparing to launch a ‘Memory Walks’ project to support our patients and are appealing for people to submit short video clips to us!

The Memory Walks project will involve a curated YouTube playlist of short video clips which will be promoted to patients and displayed on big screens on NCH&C wards. The playlist will be designed to encourage dementia and stroke patients to remember local experiences and places and provide a window to the outside world and provoke conversation and shared experiences when patients and their families are likely to be spending much more time apart and indoors.

Our patients will have lived in or visited towns and villages across Norfolk, so we are keen to capture sights and memories from across the county. Perhaps during your daily exercise you walk down the local high street, or pass a significant local history site. Maybe your daily walk is an opportunity to appreciate the natural world around us, a short clip of your local park or outdoor space might invoke memories of a patient’s outdoor adventures.

  • We are looking for short videos, ideally between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long.
  • The videos do not need to be of professional quality and can be filmed on most smartphones.
  • All videos should be anonymous. By this we mean that no individual should be identifiable, this includes you. Do not film your home address; any children; car registrations etc. This is to safeguard and protect you and those who might be captured in your video.
  • All videos will be reviewed to ensure that the content is appropriate.
  • Please ensure you are abiding by current Covid-19 guidelines in your area.

Once you have recorded your video the next step is to send it to us! The easiest way to do this is using a free service called WeTransfer ( You will be prompted to upload your file, enter an email address to send the file to (, your email address and a short message. In your message please include your name, location of the video and date the video was recorded.

We can’t wait to see your ‘Memory Walks’! If you have any questions please email

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