Media and Communications Lead wanted

Norfolk Green Care Network is in search of one (or possibly two) people to volunteer as our Media and Communications Lead. It would probably take about 5- 7 hours a week and involves managing and developing social media (including a website/blog, Facebook Group) newsletters, media releases and managing our Member’s register, including developing open registers for people who want to share expertise, information, ideas etc.

Media and Communications Lead

(part time, voluntary position)

Norfolk Green Care Network

Following its successful launch in early 2020, the Network has grown rapidly and currently has over 230 contacts/members across Norfolk and surrounding areas. The Network is all about enabling people to connect with nature to promote health and well being. It does this through networking amongst its members and through promoting green care, which we define as any activity that helps people to connect with the natural world.

We are in the process of formalising our organisation, but wish to keep this as simple as possible. All of the work to set up the Network has been voluntary and we envisage this being the case going forwards.

The Role

This part time role, which is advertised as a voluntary position, might be done as a job share. It is to take on the lead responsibility for the Network’s  media and communications work, which includes a growing social media presence. We estimate it might take one person around 7 hours per week on average, and can be almost entirely home based, as it involves online access, creating, updating and use of databases and similar tools.

The full scope of the role at present consists of 2 main elements:

Website, Social Media, Newsletters and other member communications

  • Website and blog ( –  producing posts with news and articles of interest in the field of ‘green care’, monitoring usage, updating and promoting the website and adding project profile and other information.
  • Newsletters etc.- to use Mailchimp/similar to prepare and circulate regular newsletters to the membership (currently every 2 months).
  • Facebook Group (– maintaining and developing the role of this platform /similar to act as a place for members and others to share news, ask for/offer help etc.
  • Media releases- assisting with drafting of media releases and keeping in touch with various media channels to publicise the work of the Network etc.

Membership Administration and events

  • Members and Associate Members registers- developing registers to include key information about members/associates.
  • Development and maintenance of shared online member/associate resources– to develop a means by which members/associates can log and share interests, expertise, resources, research etc.
  • Online and face to face and other events- to act as technical support for Network online workshops and other meetings and to help organise face to face visits and meetings, annual conferences, assisting with the organisation and publicising of a possible ‘Green Care Festival’ and similar events.

The Person

It would be helpful if you have an understanding and interest or commitment to the importance of connecting with nature. You will need to have a computer with online access and an understanding and proficiency in use of online media, newsletters, databases etc. and the connections between these.  Though we operate across Norfolk, it would be most convenient if you are based in or within 25 miles of Norwich. Hours of work will be flexible, though we would hope that responses to the need for help can be handled in a reasonably timely fashion.

Want to find out more and maybe apply?

Email Nigel Boldero at

3 replies on “Media and Communications Lead wanted”

Hello I would be interested in this. I am one of the teachers about to be made redundant from Holt Hall so should have some time from April. I volunteer with Nicola Poole at Erpingham school as well and am passionate about making sure people in Norfolk have access to the benefits of the outdoors ( and give back to nature too). I am also very interested to find out more about the families connect project and would love to find out more. Sorry for not replying sooner. Things have been quite busy as we decommission the hall!
Please do get in touch in you think there a useful role for me.
Diana Clark

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Hi Diana! Thanks for contacting me about this, and sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I’m sorry to hear about your job loss, but pleased at your offer of help. Perhaps we could have a zoom chat soon to explore the role and what you are able to offer? I’m planning some briefings on Families Connect soon, but can fill you in on this. Take a look at the edp article featured as a post here, and look at the website link mentioned at the end. Can you email me so that we can arrange something, please?


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