Norfolk Clubhouse- From Inside to Outside

June Webb who has set up Norfolk Clubhouse

Norfolk Clubhouse is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in 2019. We are based upon the International Clubhouse model of positive mental health which began in New York over 70 years ago, founded by several in-patients leaving hospital who wanted to continue their self-help group. There are now over 320 Clubhouses globally and we want to provide this unique model for adults 18 and over to seniors in Norfolk to support them and their families in regaining what they may feel they have lost through unmet mental health needs.

We are completely online at present and run three weekly Zoom meetings. A Midweek Meet-Up on Wednesday at 12 noon and a Women’s Group at 12 noon on Saturday’s, followed by a Saturday Social at 1.30pm. People may self refer or have someone refer them. Membership is for life and the Clubhouse is led by the Members for the Members. Our vision is to have a main Hub in Norwich with Hubs throughout Norfolk covering the county with a network of community support.

June Webb, who has led the project says:

We aspire to provide outdoor connection for our Members when it is safe to do so and we can provide our Members with opportunities to connect with the natural world as well as each other, enabling growth of existing strengths, abilities and confidence to reconnect with whatever Members feel is important to them. On our website is a short online course called “Growing Together” which some of our Members are doing and discussing in our online group spaces.

Please check out our website for further information – and contact June Webb, Founder if you would like an informal chat about referring anyone or becoming a Member at We look forward to welcoming you.

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