Return of Eagles to Norfolk

From Wild Ken Hill

We’re delighted to have received the go ahead from Natural England to restore White-tailed Eagles to West Norfolk and Eastern England! We’re hugely excited that we will all have the opportunity to watch this charismatic bird soar through big Norfolk skies once more.

The approval comes after a full feasibility study was conducted, including a public consultation that ran during January and February. We were overwhelmed by the support during the consultation, where 91% of survey respondents gave their support to the propoals, including 83% who said they were “strongly supportive”. Huge thanks from our team for those of you that supported us!  You can read more on the news in our latest blog.

Crowdfunding campaign – we need your help!

But before any eagles can be reintroduced at Wild Ken Hill, we need to build them a new temporary home where they stay for the first few weeks, and have the capacity to feed them during this period (we need to keep a lot of frozen fish!). We also need to the purchase the equipment to monitor their health while they are at Wild Ken Hill and once they have been reintroduced into open skies, which is vital for their ongoing wellbeing.

We are asking for your help to get this vital infrastructure ready, allowing us to bring the first juvenile birds from Poland in 2022 and reintroduce them at Wild Ken Hill. With your help, we can get this project started.

Join us by donating or purchasing one of the awesome rewards, like a private tour at Wild Ken Hill, or a chance to choose names for Norfolk’s new eagles. Thank you in advance for your support, we are truly grateful.

Click here for the crowdfunding campaign.

Feasibility study

As part of our commitment to maintaining a transparent and open-book approach, we have made available the full study that was conducted to assess the feasibility of reintroducing White-tailed Eagles to Norfolk. We hope the study demonstrates that the comprehensive and detailed manner in which the project team examined the potential benefits and risks of going ahead with such a project.

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