World Oceans Day 8th June 2021

Ocean, Sunset, Person, Silhouette
Image source Pixabay UK

To celebrate World Oceans Day, World Oceans Day | United Nations, the National Oceanography Centre is providing a free digital day of educational talks, discussions and virtual tours for educators and anyone else interested in the ocean. For more information visit

The University of Plymouth is also running a series of online events aimed at young people thinking about going on to higher education.

On the 8th of June join a host of our academics across the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business in a celebration of the marine research and opportunities available at the University of Plymouth.

‘Plymouth is a University with a strong profile in environmental sciences and is recognised as the ‘Home of Marine Research’ in the UK. We at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business are passionate about our interdisciplinary programmes which enable students to pursue interests in environmental issues through arts, business, humanities and social science perspectives.’

‘We draw on staff expertise and our ties to the Sustainable Earth Institute, the Marine Institute and the Environmental Cultures research group, which connect the environmental sciences to the arts and humanities through a variety of collaborations and events. We want to inspire young minds and encourage your students to cultivate key skills in communication, research and critical and creative thinking. These skills are invaluable for building more environmentally responsible societies of the future through a range of careers in areas such as conservation, heritage, education, journalism, the creative industries and governmental and non-governmental organisations.’

‘The talks are aimed at A level students who are looking to their next steps into higher education, however any eager GCSE students are more than welcome. The day will feature talks from three of our schools, the School of Humanities and Performing Arts, the School of Law, Criminology and Government and Plymouth Business School.’ Find out more here The University of Plymouth World Oceans Day Schools’ Conference 2021 – Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business – University of Plymouth

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