World Oceans Day June 8th 2021

As this year’s World Oceans Day approaches, maybe take a moment to consider blue space.

In the past year or so many people have discovered the joys of a reciprocal relationship with the ocean.

The Marine Conservation Society has a wealth of information on how blue space can help us and just as importantly, how we can help the health of our oceans.

People and the sea | Ocean emergency | Marine Conservation Society (

Blue Health Project

Researchers from across Europe recently spent four years working on the Blue Health Project exploring links between blue spaces and human health and well-being. This multidisciplinary project looked at urban and rural blue spaces and explored the potential uses of virtual bluespace.

The BlueHealth Benefits resource provides a snapshot of the evidence collected and useful links. It also considers some challenges and opportunities for urban blue spaces in the future. The Blue Health You Tube channel has a selection of resources on the benefits of blue spaces. Blue Health – YouTube The Blue Health website has links to research, case studies and toolkits Resources – BlueHealth (

For those looking to enjoy swimming in our local inland waterways, the Broads Authority has advice and support on accessing the benefits of outdoor swimming safely Outdoor swimming (

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