New Norwich Society Report Released on Norwich’s Parks and Open Spaces

For many people, the restrictions of the pandemic over the past few years have brought a renewed interest and understanding of the importance of nature and the benefits of spending time outdoors. Norwich residents are lucky to have great variety of parks and open spaces, and these have been the focus of a new report produced by the Society’s Civic Environment Committee.

“A recent survey from Natural England’s People and Nature shows that the most popular type of green and natural spaces visited are urban green spaces, but before this report there was no single source of information on this about Norwich available to the public. Our aim with this atlas and directory is to show sites we feel the public might enjoy visiting, and to provide this information in a convenient form”, John Trevelyan, Chair of the Civic Environment Committee.

108 spaces are indexed, including 11 particularly noted as nationally significant, with additional detail provided for sites that have features of particular interest such as sports facilities and children’s play areas. The findings of the report also particularly draw attention to the importance of volunteering in maintaining them; highlighting ‘Friends of’ groups, as well as community run areas.


  • The Parks and Open Spaces atlas can be found on our website HERE.
  • Highlights can also be watched in video form on YouTube HERE.
  • The full Press Release can be downloaded HERE.

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