What we are doing

The Network is here to support connections between its members, help them to improve or develop what they are doing and to promote the growth in green care across Norfolk and beyond.

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Workshops and meetings

During the pandemic we have provided a programme of online ‘Networkshops’ on a range of topics (click on the links to view the recordings of these):

As we move out of Covid restrictions we are planning to develop a further programme of events, some online and others face to face, including regular visits to projects across Norfolk and beyond- some of these will be a blend of linked online and face to face events/workshops. Details of these will be publicised on the Events Page , our Facebook group and newsletters.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Sometimes the sharing of information and ideas at Networkshops leads on to a follow up group who want to pursue the issues discussed, and explore ways of working together and other action. For the current position on SIG’s look here.

Development Projects

The Network is developing its role as a broker of funding and other support for its members and to promote the development of green care in areas where access is poor.

The Network, and its individual members work in partnership with other organisations to plan and deliver these programmes which all have some element of promoting opportunities to connect with nature to promote health and wellbeing.

Some will also enable action to be taken to address other issues such as food security, climate change, biodiversity etc. We are also very keen to work in new ways to enrich experiences of connecting with nature and add value to other organisations’ activities. This includes across sectors, such as with artists, cultural organisations, community groups, health and care services, education, research bodies etc.

For the latest information on Projects the Network is involved with look here.

Connecting People with Nature

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