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Becoming a member of the Network is easy, and it is free. All you have to do is meet some eligibility criteria and send us a form with your details.

What are the benefits?

If you or your organisation are involved or interested in helping people to connect with and care for nature, then the Network provides a way of linking up with others who share this – both online and face to face.

We don’t charge any membership fees. You can attend our events and meetings, which explore topics and issues of relevance to green care. You can make connections with others to develop your own work or interests and maybe new forms of collaboration.

We have a ‘Members Exchange’ where you can log your expertise or other offers of help and seek help from others.

You will receive a regular Newsletter from us with information on new events, research and resources, funding opportunities etc. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

You might like to get involved in projects to promote and develop green care- perhaps in areas where access to these opportunities is poor.

What types of Membership are there?

There are two types of membership. Associate members get access to all of the above. Full members get all of this plus the chance to be more involved in setting the direction for the Network and its governance. This could include:

  • Standing for one of the voluntary Network Support Team roles
  • Becoming a member of the Network Advisory Group which works with the Convenor and others in the Support Team to monitor progress and develop ideas, plans and budgets
  • Voting at Annual Meetings on the constitution and policies of the Network, its officers, plans and budgets

We commit to looking after your personal details in line with our Data Protection Policy. When you sign up to be a member you agree to receive email communications from the Network- this is a basic requirement for you to be a participating member. We won’t send you commercial marketing or publicity and fundraising messages without your consent.

Am I eligible?

People are eligible to become Full Members of the Network if they confirm that they are sympathetic to its vision, aims and objectives, agree with its values, and fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Personally  interested or involved in ‘green care’ activities being delivered in Norfolk or its surrounds* and live within this area, or
  2. Involved with an organisation that is delivering or interested in ‘green care’ within these areas, or
  3. Involved or associated with organisations or projects that are involved in or supportive of green care but which are based outside this area.

People who are sympathetic to the vision, aims and objectives of the Network and agree to its values, but do not fulfil one of the above criteria, or who do not wish to become Full members may choose to become Associate Members of the Network.

Organisations wishing to become Full Members of the Network are limited to one named representative at any one time. Further representatives of these organisations may become Associate Members.

*the Network covers projects, organisations and activities in the County of Norfolk, Waveney District and other areas in Suffolk within 20 miles of the county boundary, and Fenland areas in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire within 20 miles of the county boundary.

Want to sign up? Click here for our Membership Form

You can read our Constitution and Policies here