Members of the Network believe in the power of connecting with nature and are actively involved or interested in fostering Green Care- activities that in some way deliver ‘nature connection’ for people. We have classified these activities into 6 broad groups- find out more here.

Our Vision

The Network has a vision for all people living in Norfolk and surrounding areas being connected to nature, so that:

  • They better understand how the natural world works and what it is made up of
  • They are able to appreciate and experience  its benefits to humans in promoting health and wellbeing, and aiding recovery from illness
  • They are responsible in their attitudes and behaviour towards the natural world; they try to avoid damaging it and help it to thrive

Our Values

The Network and its members believe and practice the following core values in seeking to achieve this vision:

  • Collaborate– we will work in partnership and share information and ideas.
  • Respect– we will treat each other with courtesy and tolerance, and acknowledge that all views and ideas have value, and we will stand up to any intolerance or prejudice on whatever grounds
  • Inclusion – we will actively promote our work to include under-represented groups
  • Compassionate-we will try to understand the circumstances of each other’s situation and be kind in how we treat each other, where possible offering help and support
  • Excellence-we will strive to achieve the highest standards in what we do to deliver or promote opportunities for people to connect with nature
  • Professional-we will act without personal interest and seek to deal with each other in friendly and positive ways
  • Creative– we will be open minded and contribute ideas that are intended to make the Network operate effectively and efficiently

Our Aims and Objectives

The Network’s primary aims are to support its members and others to connect with each other so as to add value to their activities and interests focused on enabling people to connect with the natural world and to promote the development of ‘green care’ activities in Norfolk and its surrounding areas. More specifically, we are pursuing the following objectives:

1. Supporting networking between members and with others, including:

  • Enabling members to connect and explore potential working relationships
  • Sharing expertise, resources and volunteers
  • Coming together to develop expertise through training and events
  • Providing pathways for individuals to progress between different types and levels of green care

 2. Promoting the development of green care:

  • Inspiring and promoting the development of Green Care activities, including places where they don’t currently exist
  • Developing a set of values and practices which ensure those involved can be seen as meeting a common set of standards, whilst recognising the variety of the activities being provided
  • Bringing together and promoting research into the impact of Green Care so as to further its development

Our Structure

The Network has taken a very informal approach to it’s development since the beginning of 2020. As of 20th October 2021, we have an agreed Constitution and Policies as an ‘Unincorporated Association’ which means we have retained a very simple structure in line with the wishes of those involved in establishing the Network. You can see our Constitution and Policies here.

We have a supporting Structure which is made up of a Network Support Team – volunteers leading on various aspects of the Network’s activities and a Network Advisory Group which comes together regularly to monitor progress and guide the Network’s development.

Though centred on Norfolk, we also include projects and activities in adjoining areas, such as Waveney and other parts of Suffolk, and the Fenland area of Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

What we are doing

We have held a series of online ‘Networkshops’ on various topics of relevance to Green Care (you can view recordings of these) and are looking forward to holding a blend of online meetings and face to face events at various green care projects. Special Interest Groups develop from some of these events, where people wish to continue to discuss and develop ideas.

The Network is also playing an important ole in promoting Green Care, by acting as a ‘broker’ in partnership projects, securing funding and other support to help grow and develop existing and new green care provision.

This website and blog aims to provide up to date information and resources to support green care in our area. Apart from pages with information and links to a range of different types of green care projects, and what the Network is doing, we have sections with a digest of support resources and published research. And our page with the latest news and posts provides regular articles of interest.

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We have good working relationships with other bodies that support voluntary and community activities and green care including:

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