Many green care projects provide wonderful opportunities for people to get involved, and volunteering can provide a great way of connecting with other people as well as nature. Volunteers can also find and develop talents and skills which lead to paid employment as well as enriching their lives.

Norfolk Green Care Network is entirely run by volunteers and we understand the importance of good recruitment, organisation, training and support . We are starting to build up a set of resources to help those responsible for volunteers as well as volunteers themselves.

You can find a recording of a workshop we held on recruiting and supporting volunteers here.

Our first ‘drop in’ for volunteers, where they could share their experiences , ideas and issues was recorded in a note, which you can read here.

An introduction to the Voluntary Norfolk Network can be found here.

You can watch a presentation about wellbeing in the context of volunteering here. This was given by Helen Fitzhugh from UEA at a best practice workshop hosted by Voluntary Norfolk.

Thriving Workplaces have held an online workshop on ‘Making Workplace Wellbeing Really Work’- this is of interest to volunteers as well as those in paid work. You can view the 45 minute session here.

If you have some useful resources that we can link to please get in touch.