Development Projects

Families Connect- initially focussed on Greater Norwich and Mid Broadland, this funded programme will work with hard pressed families with children in 5 ‘Families Connect Clubs’ encouraging family members to connect, for families to connect with each other and all to connect with nature through a programme of activities and events including arts and crafts, exercise and access to other support if needed. A Programme Manager has been recruited.

Natural for Norfolk!– This project would see a programme of working at community level to engage a range of service users, community groups,  community workers, social prescribers, green care projects etc. to:

  • raise awareness of what green care activities and opportunities already  exist,
  • what sorts of needs they already and could meet,
  • and help with expanding or developing existing and new green care projects so as to meet a range of health and wellbeing needs.

A month long ‘Natural for Norfolk!’ Festival might be run during summer 2022 to promote awareness and support for green care across the county. The project would also help to develop green social prescribing and could eventually cover the whole of Norfolk and Waveney. Funding options need to be looked into.

Growing Together– focussed on North Norfolk and Greater Norwich as pilot areas, this is all about enabling communities to assess their local physical environment and to create or develop more green spaces for a range of possible uses, including community food growing.

Advice on food growing will be available to households and groups and there will be other activities to reduce food waste,  improve food security and promote sustainability. Citizen Science and arts activities will also be available to local projects.

At the same time work will be done to promote sustainable design of new developments  through working with architects, planners etc. The project is in its early stages of development and will be developing funding applications over summer 2021 with a view to running a 2-3 year pilot programme. 

Connecting People with Nature

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