8 ways to stay positive during the second lockdown, according to an expert

Keep your spirits high with these simple daily doings

Lisa Walden

With four-week lockdown restrictions in place across England and a ‘new normal’ Christmas season looming, it’s not always easy to stay positive.

To help us all feel more joyful, we spoke to the team at Mind for their expert-approved tips on staying positive. From heading outside to talking to loved ones over the phone, there are many things you can do to keep your spirits high.

“We’ve all had to make relatively sudden and big changes to our lifestyle, including our work. Adjustments to our routine, unfamiliarity and uncertainty can stir up a range of emotions, and affect our wellbeing,” Rosie Weatherley, Mind’s Information Content Manager, tells Country Living.

“It’s vital that we’re all taking steps to look after our own mental health at the moment, as well as keeping an eye out for loved ones”

Take a look at their eight ways to stay positive…

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